Wardour film poster


Wardour Films Limited presents 

A gigantic epic of breathless topical interest /


A story of glorious adventure!

A tale of daring and indomitable courage graphically dramatized by Captain Noel F.R.G.S. 

Strange and heroic - as thrilling as any in the annals of exploration - a great struggle - against terrific natural forces - on the roof of the world.

A wonder picture of Everest - which is on everybody's tongue and everybody's mind at the moment.

Distributed by Wardour Film Limited / Head Office Film House Wardour Street, London W1.

All communications to - Wardour Films Ltd.

London ' '  Film House, Wardour Street, W.1. Telephone - Gerrard 4314 (8 lines) 

Manchester ' ' Offices 2-3, 3, The Parsonage. 3. Telephone-Blackfriars 5464-5 (2 lines)


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