The Chamar Pass into Nuristan


Photographer: Eric Newby

Country: Afghanistan

Date: 1956

‘The crest of the ridge now immediately above our heads was like a harbour breakwater built by convict labour, a wild confusion of loose blocks heaped one on top of the other. The way through it was narrow, like the neck of a bottle, so that it was only by pushing and shoving that the horses were popped to the other side like corks … We were huddled together, men and animals, on the edge of a cliff at the head of a desolate valley that stretched away downhill, a wilderness of bleak, brown scree with here and there a drift of dirty, speckled snow, until it was lost in a haze … The first part of the descent needed two men to each horse; one to lead, the other with a tight grip on the tail to brake hard on the bends …’ - A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush.

Ref.: S0027635

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