Lake in the Khamar Daban Range


Photographer: Eric Newby

Country: Russia

Date: 1977

‘At around 5am Moscow time, the Rossiya panted up over the watershed of the Primorskiy Range and began running down through the forests on the Baikal side, through a series of hairpin bends … Then the Rossiya roared into the first of two sets of heavily guarded tunnels, the first tunnels since leaving Moscow, now more than 3,300 miles away; a few minutes later the snow-covered peaks of the Khamar Daban Range on the south side of the lake could be seen. Then, through the haze that shrouded everything, all of a sudden, stupendous, unearthly, ethereal like a great golden bowl with the morning mists rising from it, appeared the lake itself.’ - The Big Red Train Ride.

Ref.: S0027640

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