Government party driving through Argentinian Patagonia


These Patagonian photos were taken in 1928 by Liborio Justo when his father, Agustin P. Justo, was Minister of War for President Alvear. Liborio was 26 at the time he accompanied his father on the government expedition to Patagonia which was tasked with making an ordnance survey map of the previously unmapped area. The ordnance survey team went in a caravan of cars from Buenos Aires to Patagonia, some 1500 miles. Liborio mentioned in his autobiography, "In 1928, together with a group of people I made a long trip in the Patagonian lake region, from the River Neuquen to the River Chubut, all along the Andean mountain range up to the Chilean border." "On our way back to Zapala, we visited Lake Huechulauquen, solitary and little known, Junin de los Andes on the beautiful Lake Lacar through which we sailed up to Chile.

Photographer: Liborio Justo

Date: 1928

Country: Argentina

Ref.:  S0018501

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